sometimes there comes a sudden 
not !!
no mosquitoes that like to beg for alms just a drop of blood
but a smile when we felt like weeping
and laugh when she felt pain in his chest
how long he will last ?
in the dark there came a sudden sneak
and then ask the honest in every corners of the chest
are there any sincere prostration which crashed to the ground ? 
or is he merely asked for any evidence that is always flowing through the oral
while the heart is too busy to a peaceful moment in the morning and evening
life continued to roll between the sky, eart, and a pen
sometimes also slipped quietly made joint property which we pocketed souls
or just carrying a day late and then we can release at any time
while the chest has a badge attached to the numbered lines last house
look !!
there is written the number seven
but as the number six has arrived its time
it turned out we were still busy counting and laughing laugh
then forget the time when the hands and feet say
dreamer (photo art) 2349284325414173791

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